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Morning panorama Muharraq

Al-Muharraq is the name of the second biggest city in Bahrain, an island and the governorate (1 of 5) of the Kingdom of Bahrain. It was the capital of Bahrain till 1923.


The city's origins go back to the time of Dilmun, about 5000 years ago.

The centre of Muharraq contains some of the oldest residential properties in the Kingdom. There are also many buildings of historic interest in the town.


Bahrain International Airport is located on the island. Near Muharraq there is a man made island called Amwaj Islands, which has many large buildings, hotels and beaches.


The summers are very hot with a high humidity, especially in the summer nights. Temperatures can reach above 35C (95F). Most rainfalls occur in the winter season, recorded maximum of 7.2 cm (+/-3 inch). Winters are mild and very hot.


Bahrain is a popular tourist destination with over eight million tourists a year, because of its authentic Arab heritage and a reputation as relatively liberal and modern.

al-Muharraq Island

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